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Asbestos Removal

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Our team operate throughout the UK and is committed to ensuring your property is safe.



Our technicians will carry out tests to detect traces of asbestos within your property.



Our experts will take every precaution to remove the asbestos from your property.



We will then ensure that the asbestos is removed and disposed of correctly.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos was manufactured for building purposes in the 1950s for its heating and soundproofing properties. Asbestos is within many different products such as insulating boards, sprayed coatings, textured coatings, cement, lagging, loose asbestos and flooring tiles.

In recent years, experts have found that exposure to fibres can have serious consequences on your health. Victims of asbestos exposure can often suffer from mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer & pleural thickening.

Can it be removed?

Yes. Asbestos can be removed, but should only be attempted by a trained professional. Our team are trained to remove and double bag all asbestos products without exposing the fibres. Our experts will ensure that you, and those within your property, are safe at all times.

Fully Qualified

Our team is fully qualified to remove asbestos in the Midlands. Our team will ensure that you are safe and will no longer be at risk of developing diseases caused by asbestos.

Environment Agency Certified

We are certified and licensed waste carriers and follow the latest guidelines and regulations. We will issue you a consignment note for peace of mind.

Price Competitive

We provide industry-leading rates for asbestos removal in the Midlands. We use the latest technology to ensure our service is efficient and effective.

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